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About Hans Tiedemann Group
The Tiedemann International Group is managed by Carl Hans Tiedemann III, who is based between Los Angeles, United States; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Tokyo, Japan.  Mr Tiedemann is registered broker in the United States, acting as a seeder and distributor of third-party international hedge funds.

Mr Tiedemann has specialized in international investing over thirty years; he was previously Head of Morgan Stanley Japan’s equity and warrant institutional sales desk 1986-88, served as President of Tiedemann Investment Group for over ten years (now Nasdaq listed ALTi Tiedemann Global), specializing in seeding and launching international hedge-funds, and remains a shareholder. He founded Tiedemann International Research, amongst Asia’s largest independent research and trade execution firms in 1988, later sold to E-Trade Inc. in 2000.
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